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While healthcare reform is no simple subject, the Build Your Own Bill tool is.

Answer questions across 6 key subjects + include your own ideas. Take your time; this is an important process.
Your bill is born!
Share your bill on social, with Congress, and tweet it to President Trump.
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As impartial advisors, we at HealthMarkets are advocates for consumers everywhere in their need to find quality healthcare at an affordable price. HealthMarkets is a leading distributor of individual and family health insurance in America. We’ve enrolled Americans in more than 2 million insurance policies since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) began. Since our company’s founding in 1984, we’ve seen the good, and we’ve seen the bad. We know there is room for improvement. We believe it is our job and our duty to give a voice to the #OurCare movement because we believe consumers and healthcare providers should take part in choosing what happens to healthcare in our country.

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Do you support Americans having a voice in the healthcare reform discussion? Join us in the #OurCare movement by becoming a partner. Our partners support the idea that American voices should be heard by sharing with their audiences and encouraging them to use the Build Your Own Bill (#BYOB) tool on the site. This tool lets you determine what you want included in healthcare legislation. You can then share your healthcare bill with your social network and your favorite politicians in Washington. You can even tweet your bill directly to President Trump.

Help give Americans a voice in the future of healthcare. Become an #OurCare partner today.

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